What to fill sushi with

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Sushi is a traditional Japanese recipe that is prepared with rice, seaweed and a wide variety of ingredients that serve as a filling. If you are passionate about Japanese cuisine  and want to learn how to prepare sushi, in this article we will show you what to fill sushi with. You will suck your fingers!

Steps to follow:

  1. The basic ingredients of sushi are white rice and nori seaweed. To prepare sushi rice, you must have Japanese rice in your pantry, a sweeter and short-grain rice that will serve for sushi. In addition, you must season the rice with sugar, salt and rice vinegar. In the following article we will tell you how to prepare rice for sushi.
  2. The sushi rice is wrapped with vegetables called nori; this is a Japanese seaweed that is edible, but first it must be roasted to adhere to this Japanese dish. You must bear in mind that the darker the nori, the better its flavor will be.
  3. To know what to fill the sushi with, we will start with the most used ingredient in this Japanese recipe: fish. Sushi is usually filled with fresh fish from salt water, since river water is usually more polluted and, to remove the contamination, it must be cooked.
  4. The raw fish in sushi is of marine origin and the types most commonly used are tuna, salmon, lemon fish, mackerel, horse mackerel or snapper.
  5. Another essential ingredient used to fill sushi is seafood. The use of squid, octopus, sea urchins, clams and prawns are traditional to make sushi; however, oysters are a seafood that is not often used for sushi because their flavor does not match the texture of rice.
  6. Any type of vegetable is suitable for filling sushi; however, the varieties most used in traditional production are fermented soybeans, avocado, Japanese radish, cucumber, plums and tofu.
  7. To know what to fill the sushi with, you also have to take into account the roe, an ingredient widely used among the most traditional sushi chefs. The most widely used roe are salted cod roe, herring roe, pollock sperm roe and salmon roe.


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