How to make sushi

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The sushi is a plate of Japanese origin with a base and cooked rice seasoned with different ingredients. Sushi is generally associated with fish and seafood, but this delicious dish can also be made with vegetables or any other ingredient. Sushi can come in different shapes and is generally prepared in small portions. There are different ways to make sushi  depending on its shape and preparation: 1.Maki: rice and fish rolled in a sheet of seaweed. 2. Nigiri: fish covered rice meatball. 3. Inari: fish stuffed in a ball of fried tofu. 4: Chirashizushi – Sushi rice bowl with pieces of fish and other ingredients on top.


  • 1kg of rice of the medium or double type Carolina Fortuna (the rice to make sushi that can be found in any supermarket in the big chains).
  • 2 kg of Goban (neutral white cooked rice), 190 cc of rice vinegar or alcohol, 10 g of sugar, salt, mirin or sake (optional).
  • 400 g of shari, 2 nori seaweed, 10 g of wasabi (spicy radish for sushi), and soy sauce. Ingredients for the fillings: 3 eggs, 1 cucumber, 100 g of fresh pink salmon or kani Kama.

Steps to follow to make this recipe:

  1. Cooked white rice: Place the sushi rice in a saucepan and wash it with water by rubbing it gently without rubbing. Next, add a liter of water and put it on the highest heat and well covered for 10 minutes. Turn off the heat and let it rest for 15 minutes with the pot covered.
  2. Spiced Rice: Cook Gohan Rice. Then make the dressing by taking a small bowl and add vinegar, sugar, salt and mirin and stir until the sugar dissolves. Then put the hot rice in a large bowl and slowly pour the dressing all over the rice. When everything is in the large bowl, use a fan or fan to cool the seasoned rice and move it non-stop with a spatula.  Once cold, cover it with a damp napkin and let it rest for at least one hour.
  3. Rolls: Make small sushi rolls wrapped with single flavor nori seaweed (Hosomaki). To make the rolls, you have to cut the seaweed in half and place one of the halves on top of a sushi mat where it will have previously been covered with plastic film. The next step is to put the Shari (the rice seasoned for sushi) on top of the seaweed on the mat, leaving 2cm free in the upper margin. Then put wasabi in the center of the Shari (except for the egg filling) and finally put the unwanted filling on top of the wasabi. Once all the ingredients have been put in, the rolls can be made with the help of the mat. To roll the sushi, the lower part of the mat is taken and the ingredients and the rice are wrapped with it. As the mixture is rolled, it must be pressed gently so that the preparation is compact
  4. There are different fillings: a) Tamagoyaki: beat three eggs with a tablespoon of sugar and a little salt. Pour it into a hot pan and cook over low heat until set. Then place it on a plate, let it cool and make strips (1×1 by 18 cm). b) Cucumber or Salmon: cut 1×1 strips by 18cm long.
  5. To serve the sushi, each roll must be cut into six parts. The cuts have to be made with a sharp knife and they have to be firm cuts in a single pass to avoid undoing the roll.


  • The amount of sugar depends on the taste of each person. Hosomaki is a step to make a simple, one-flavored sushi and when you know how to do it well you can increase the level of difficulty making sushi with other flavors.


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